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About Us

Moving Ahead of Its Time
In the years that followed, Shilp Gravures brought the world's best in technology and software to India. And today, it has had a long stint as India's market leader in quality quantity, and by popular opinion, is the country's most creative presence in the field.


Market leader revolutionizes Indian Gravure Industry

Shilp Gravures is India's pioneer and undisputed leader in Electro-Mechanical Engraving, with a substantial market share of the flexible packaging industry.
Electro-Mechanical Engraving is a precision technology, and Shilp Gravures has assimilated the world's best equipment and infrastructure available in the field at its plant.
The company has focused all its activities and quality pursuits around that core knowledge that at the end of it all, it is part of a marketing / branding exercise. So, Shilp Gravures plans every job from the creative stand point.
And that is the core mantra that has empowered Shilp's rapid growth, and given it the confidence to visualize a global activity charter for the immediate future